October 2021

The Regional Tree Crown Map - the result of the tree inventory in Poland

Do you know how many trees grow in your city? Where does the tallest tree grow in your neighbourhood and what is its height? What is the area of the tree crowns growing on your parcel? Now you can quickly find the answers to all these questions.

The MGGP Aero provides a new, innovative product, the Regional Tree Crown Map, which presents information about trees growing in any part of Poland, available as an online service: www.mytreemap.com


Both the Regional Tree Crown Map and the My Tree Map™ service are a unique solution on the Polish market, developed by MGGP Aero from Tarnow. The Regional Tree Crown Map was created as a collaboration of an interdisciplinary team and the technological potential of MGGP Aero. It is a response to contemporary needs related to the management of high greenery.

The Regional Tree Crown Map for the whole area of Poland

The main idea was to provide basic information about trees in Poland in an accessible way that does not require specialist knowledge and skills. Thus, the Regional Tree Crown Map can be used by both hobbyists and professionals, e.g. in support of Poland's adaptation to climate change.

The Regional Tree Crown Map contains the results of the inventory of trees growing throughout Poland. It presents tree crowns higher than 4 m, which the area of ​​crowns is greater than 9 m2. Acquisition of information on trees for the whole country was possible thanks to the use of remote sensing analysis methods, which means that the inventory was performed remotely, without the need to measure directly in the field. The source of information about the trees in this case was data obtained from the air using a special laser so-called ALS (Airborne Laser System), which measured the height and area of ​​tree crowns from an altitude of about 1 km above ground. The inventory of all trees in Poland required over 1,523,995 million laser measurements. From the air, over 3.3 billion tree crowns were counted with a total area of ​​9,669,476.2 ha, which is 30.92% of the country's area. In the Regional Tree Crown Map product, each tree contains information about the coordinates of the crown top, its area and volume, as well as the tree height.

Information included in The Regional Tree Crown Map

The information presented in the My Tree Map™ service has got an enormous value for all users, but in particular it will be useful for local government e.g.: green areas managers, infrastructure managers and nature protection services.

The product was developed on the basis of data obtained by ALS, which are in the resources of the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography and which was released to the public free of charge, in accordance with the INSPIRE directive, on the 31st of July 2020. MGGP Aero utilised machine learning methods developed by their R&D department, incl. as part of the HabitARS project, entitled “The innovative approach supporting monitoring of non-forest Natura 2000 habitats, using remote sensing methods” as part of the strategic research and development program "Natural environment, agriculture and forestry" BIOSTRATEG financed by the National Center for Research and Development.

The Regional Tree Crown Map - the fragment of Wrocław City

My Tree Map™ service www.mytreemap.com

The Regional Tree Crown Map is publicly available as an online service; My Tree Map™ (mytreemap.com), built on the OBLIVIEW® (obliview.com) web engine, also developed by the team at MGGP Aero.

My Tree Map™ service provides free access to the Regional Tree Crown Map in a convenient environment of web application. The website also allows the purchase of the Regional Tree Crown Map for a selected area and download of the product to your own GIS environment.

The website has extensive functionality and presents trees on the background of aerial orthophoto or OpenStreetMap data. Using cartographic presentation, it provides easily readable information about ​​tree crowns and their height. It is possible to browse the data without limitations throughout Poland at various scales, from a single tree to entire cities. The geospatial analysis tools provided, allow the user to count trees growing in a defined area, e.g. at a selected distance from the building, or to check the height and area of ​​a single tree crown.

My Tree Map™ Service


The Regional Tree Crown Map is not only a source of information and knowledge about trees in Poland. It is also a presentation of new possibilities and directions for the development of remote sensing and geoinformatics analyses on the market of comprehensive inventory services of the natural environments. You can read more about this innovative perspective directly on the product's website: mytreemap.com. There you will find a presentation of other products offered by MGGP AERO - the Local Tree Map, which are dedicated for green area managers in Polish and European cities. In addition to basic information on trees, these products also provide detailed information on tree species, health condition and trunk location. For the first time, a customised tree inventory for an entire city can be provided thanks to remote sensing.

The products of Local Tree Map


MGGP Aero is a technology company with many years of experience and an established position on the Polish and European markets. For 20 years, it has specialised in the acquisition of remote sensing data from the airborne and satellite levels, including orthophotos, hyperspectral and thermal images, LiDAR data, having its own fleet of aircrafts, own air base and Research and Development Centre.

MGGP Aero, using remote sensing and geospatial analysis methods, carries out commercial and scientific projects in the field of comprehensive inventory and qualitative research of urban space and the natural environment. It also offers services in the field of 3D modeling and web applications.

MGGP Aero focuses on the real needs of its customers, offering innovative tailor-made products, providing information that builds knowledge.