March 2022

Tree Map in Wroclaw

If we were to describe the concept of Smart City in one word, it would undoubtedly mean for us the city of the future. Smart city assumes the development of urban areas based on information and communication technologies. Thanks to the introduction of modern digital solutions, urban space should become friendly for residents, city authorities, entrepreneurs and tourists. The Smart City concept is based on an intelligent system of city management which includes such elements as a modern transport system, sustainable economy, social capital, quality of life and care for the natural environment.


In Poland, many cities are taking steps towards digitalization and implementation of modern technologies in the process of urban space management. An example of such a city is Wroclaw, which plans to develop and implement the System for management of urban greenery and e-platform Greenery. The system will streamline and optimize the work of the Municipal Greenery Management in Wroclaw by providing detailed and precise information about the state of greenery in the city. We are pleased that MGGP Aero will take part in this process. And what exactly will be our task?

Our interdisciplinary team will be responsible for conducting a greenery inventory in selected areas of the Municipal Greenery Management in Wroclaw, which will constitute input data for the previously mentioned system. We will perform a detailed inventory of trees including marking them with arbotags, determining their species, varieties, parameters and condition. In addition, we will qualify trees for further actions and develop recommendations for tree care. For this purpose we will use both aerial data and remote sensing methods of processing and analysis, as well as perform reference measurements in the field. Experienced remote sensing and geoinformation specialists and botanists will be involved in this work.


At this point it should be mentioned that one of our products within the order will be the Local Tree Trunk Map, which provides precise information about the location of tree trunks and breast height and a number of additional parameters characterizing the tree. Thanks to the Local Tree Trunk Map, we are able to count trees for a specific area with 99,9% accuracy.

According to the Husqvarna Urban Green Space Index (HUSGI) Wroclaw ranks 5th among European cities and 8th worldwide in the ranking of the greenest cities. This makes us even more pleased that we will be able to develop our products for this unique city.